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Manglam Geotech Services LLP
Manglam Geotech Services

CITY: Mapusa
COMPANY ACTIVITIES: Non-Destructive Testing Services, Testing Laboratory
PHONE: +91 8322 976 979, +91 9822 791 965
ADDRESS: Shed D-2/ 4, 5, 6, NVI House, Tivim Industrial Estate, Mapusa, Goa 403526
EMAIL: manglam.goa@gmail.com
WEB-SITE: https://www.mgsgoa.com


Manglam Geotech Services (MGS) is a Civil Engineering Materials’ Testing Laboratory, that aims at providing Geotechnical Solutions. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable technocrats who are committed to exploring the boundaries of Geotechnical Engineering, we are one of the most well-equipped laboratories in the state of Goa, India.

With state of the art laboratories sheltering the latest, duly calibrated equipment and instruments, Manglam Geotech Services is a one-stop solution to all your Civil Engineering Materials’ Testing, Reporting and Consultancy work. We aim at getting a NABL and ISO Certification soon.

We have our associations with Manglam Consultancy Services, a renowned name in the field of Geotechnical Testing and Engineering, having its branches pan India and more than 15 years of experience in the same field. We are also proudly associated with EIE Instruments Pvt. Ltd., a renowned name in the field of manufacturing of industrial equipments, having its presence in a wide range of fields including civil engineering, tiles and ceramics, oil and petroleum, pharmaceuticals and microbiology, etc.


Evolving as an Internationally Recognized firm for Testing, Reporting and Consultancy Works of Civil Engineering and Construction Materials, Manglam Geotech Services sees itself as the Industry Leader in its field.


Providing best quality services to the clients, while exploring newer and latest techniques for giving the best results to them will always be Manglam Geotech Services’ Mission. Strong Customer Relationships and Best Customer Services.


- Geotechnical Investigation and Field Testing
- Non Destructive Testing
- Highway & Road Material Testing
- Material Testing
- Soil & Rock Testing
- Third Party Inspection for Quality Assurance
- Project Management
- Survey


Destructive testing is not always the choice as non-destructive testing is also needed after the construction of the structure. Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a wide group of analysis techniques used in science and technology industry to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage. The main advantage of NDT is that the sample can be used even after the test. MGS provides non-destructive testing facilities both at the laboratory as well as at onsite. MGS provides the Non-destructive testing facilities to its clients and have following NDT testing facilities:

Non Destructive Testing of in-situ concrete is an essential component for evaluating quality/strength of concrete of various structure/component, either immediately after construction or at a later date.

We provide NDT services using hi-tech equipment with detailed reports and suggestion for retrofitting. The tests are conducted by our qualified engineers according to the IS Codes/ASTM.

MGS facilities for various Non-destructive tests such as:

- Rebound Hammer Test (Concrete, Mortar Joints, Bricks, Pavements, Lightweight Concrete, etc.)
- Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test
- Pull Out Test
- Half Cell Potential Difference Test
- Rebar Locator Test
- Permeability Test
- Carbonation Test
- Core Extraction Test
- Steel Section Thickness Gauge
- Impact Echo Test
- Nuclear and Non Nuclear Density Gauge
- Bridge Diagnostic Instrument (BDI) test
- Thermal Images for Water Leakage
- Capo Test
- Resistivity Impact 3D
- Speed Gun for Traffic Analysis

Some of the instruments that we use for the purpose of NDT are highlighted as under:

- Digital Rebound Hammer
- Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity
- Cover Meter
- Half Cell Potential
- Thickness Gauge
- Bridge Diagnostic Instrument
- Nuclear Density Gauge
- Crosshole Sonic
- Pile Integrity Testing Machine
- Ground Penetrating Radar
- Falling Weight Deflectometer

Geotechnical Solutions equals Manglam Geotech Services!