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26.07.2022 - TORNIA 505 Stationary UV LED lamp
UV LED Surface Light TORNIA 505

- UV lamp with UG2A filter glass
- Passive cooling
- High efficiency
- Low power consumption
- Defined emission wavelength

Technical data

Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
UV source 36 x UV LED
Intensity of ultraviolet radiation (400 mm distance) about 4700 µW/cm2
Illuminated surface (with reason. 1000 µW/cm2) 730mm x 460mm
Wavelength 365 Nm
Lifetime of the half emission width LED around 10,000 working hours
Hazard class (according to directive DGZfP EM 6) II
Physical dimensions 570mm x 160m x 110mm
Total weight about 5.6kg
Protection value IP 65

More information https://www.ghtonline.de/artikel/?kategorie=LEDLEUCHTEN&id=549&selected=553#